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Gut Healing Foods

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Healing the gut can be a delicate balance between removing what the cause of the problem is and REINTRODUCING good healing foods to start getting better! A closer look at specific foods that heal the gut…

Gut Healing Foods And a Review

Leaky Gut Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease, you name it! these foods are considered super food replacements to help heal the gut and get it back in shape!

Just to jog the memory…to heal the gut we must follow the rule of 4 R’s

1.   REMOVE – remove the bad such as bacteria, pathogens, stressors, allergens, toxins, garbage food

2. REPLACE – replace the good bacteria, healthy food, dietary changes, gut healing foods ahem ahem… see below 🙂

3. RE-INTRODUCE – re-innoculate with multi strain probiotic supplements, digestive enzymes and stomach/bile acids for digestion

4. REPAIR – repair the damage done to the gut mucosa with nutrients and supplements like L-Glutamine, Qercetin, Gamma Linoleic acid, Aloe Vera, Licorice Root, Turmeric and Omega 3.

p.s. this post contains amazon affiliate links, enjoy!

Replacing  The Bad With The Good


I picked up some of my favorite goodies at our local Natural Grocers in Boise.


I especially LOVE the coconut chips “Dang” brand and the kids think they’re candy…little do they know THEY’RE ACTUALLY SUPER HEALTHY…mom score!


I like to buy flavored and plain bone broth protein, the flavored I add to my current protein shake and the plain I add to fruit smoothies and use in baking for an extra kick of healthy protein!

What Are Gut Healing Foods?


Bone Broth – broth contains collagen and the amino acids proline and glycine that can help heal your damaged cell walls. I’ve had many of my patients do a bone broth fast for three days to help heal leaky gut. Amazon link: Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

or much better yet make your own chicken bone broth, awesome recipe by

Raw Cultured Dairy – contains both probiotics and SCFA’s that can help heal the gut.  Pastured kefir, yogurt, amasai, butter and raw cheese are some of the best. You can MAKE YOUR OWN Coconut Milk Kefir (tutorial coming soon!)

Fermented Vegetables – contain organic acids that balance intestinal pH and probiotics to support the gut. Sauerkraut, kimchi and kvass, kombucha are excellent sources.

  • MAKE YOUR OWN KOMBUCHA! It just makes more sense financially (these cost about $2-3/bottle!
  • See for a tutorial for making homemade kombucha, Nadia is talented and has a great video tutorial to help you along the way!

Coconut Products – all coconut products are especially good for your gut. The MCFA’s in coconut are easier to digest than other fats so they work well for leaky gut. Also, coconut kefir contains probiotics that support your digestive system.

Sprouted Seeds – chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds that have been sprouted are great sources of fiber that can help support the growth of beneficial bacteria. But if you have severe leaky gut, you may need to start out getting your fiber from steamed vegetables and fruit. Here are the ones I use! Amazon links: Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds

  • Also, consuming foods that have omega-3 fats are beneficial — anti-inflammatory foods like grass-fed beef, lamb and wild-caught fish like salmon.

Controversy Behind Coconut Oil

Is it healthy or is it not? there have been a few recent headlines looking at this question and many sources including the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION (AHA) has made statements suggesting that we eliminate coconut oil and REPLACE WITH CORN AND VEGETABLE OIL!!!???

ya no…General rule of thumb ↓

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This is outrageous, when considering this information you have to consider the source…

Guess who funded these studies?

CANOLA…hmmm ok then

Cholesterol and Coconut Oil

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If you know anything about Cholesterol, you would know that coconut fat increases your HDL (high density lipoproteins AKA GOOD CHOLESTEROL) which when high enough, COUNTERACTS the effects of the LDL (Low density lipoproteins aka BAD CHOLESTEROL).

If you focus on just lowering your BAD cholesterol you wont get very far and the HDL (good cholesterol) will continue getting lower and INCREASE the risk of heart disease. Basically by getting a lot of HDL you actually lower your LDL…makes sense don’t you think?

Food Babe (←CLICK LINK ) Vani Hari is a food blogger who has touched on this topic quite a bit, she goes into great detail and its definitely something to look at!

In the meantime, keep enjoying coconut products because they ARE good for you and they are NOT man made and they DO NOT generate massive revenue for big box oil companies…nuf said.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned TONS! now get to your local organic market and get some gut healing foods for yourself 🙂

Yours Truly,

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